GGJ 2015 Entry – Holey Cruise

The theme of the Global Game Jam 2015 was:

„What do we do now?“

Game Description:
„Holey Cruise is a local co-op game on an old big ass boat that is about to sink. You are two sailors crusing the ocean when your rusty bucket of a ship is starting to break apart. Now you have to work together quickly and efficiently, to patch the leaks and pump out the dangerous cold water which is pulling you down the rough sea.“

The Game is played together on one keyboard or with controllers (Use ESCAPE to rebind keys)
Each player can move independently but the two players have to play together to win.
You lose if 75% of your ship is flooted and you win if you stay alive 6 minutes.

Default Keybinding:
Player 1:
Move: WASD; Interaction: E
Player 2:
Move: Arrow keys; Interaction: Right Shift

The Game is made by:
Patrick Wachowiak – Artist
Harry Trautmann – MainProgrammer for (Character control)
Tonio Freitag – Artist
Thomas Feucht – MainProgrammer for (UI, Event-System)
Tobias Zimmerlin – MainProgrammer for (Fluid-Simulation, Hole-Spawning, Level-Interaction, Minigames, Camera control)
Josef Vorbeck – Level Design – Game Design

Holey Cruise MainMenu
Both Players are always in Sight, Camera zooms automatically


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Download Page on GameJam2015